Indigenous Healing Circles


Healing Circles are a longstanding tradition in Native communities throughout North America, and another common thread shared between most tribes. There is no limit to the good that can be accomplished with Healing Circles and with a much broader and more widespread use of this age-old tradition, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people everywhere can finally start on the path to healing.





Healing Circles can come in many shapes or styles, but they mainly involve:

  • Congregating in a communal circle
  • Participants sit close enough to the drum to touch it, forming a circle, the drum in the center
  • The facilitator opens with a prayer, respecting the directions, giving thanks and asking for presences of Spirit as the circle is in session
  • The drum beater or feather is passed around, and only the current holder can speak, share, or air a grievance
  • There is no room for judgment in a Healing Circle, and what is said in a Healing Circle should remain there


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It is our belief that Healing Circles have benefited Indigenous cultures in North America for thousands of years, but they can be used to heal people from all countries, backgrounds, and cultures. Using this ancient form of healing as a modern-day form of therapy can be tremendously beneficial to:

  • Veterans with PTSD or other forms of trauma
  • Parental support groups
  • Survivors of various types of abuse or situations
  • Recovering addicts

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