Indigenous Entrepreneurs Alliance


Indigenous Entrepreneurs Alliance or IEA was founded on the belief that all people have innate talents waiting to be discovered. Economic and Financial Independence is both viable and obtainable for members of the Indigenous Entrepreneurs Alliance.





Indigenous Entrepreneurs Alliance

By opening the doors to higher education, technological training, and ultimately, business ownership, IEA participants can envision a brighter future for their tribes, their families, and themselves.

IEA seeks to bring people together for hands-on training, to become more entrepreneurial-minded individuals capable of creating their own livelihoods with skills they have honed and methods they have learned.

In addition to learning, participants can become part of real, for-profit enterprises while working together with others in the program.


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These immersive, hands-on training sessions serve to empower, embolden, and inspire while giving people the tools to succeed like:

  • Accounting information
  • Marketing skills
  • Stress management techniques
  • Business etiquette
  • Organizational tactics

An eight-week entrepreneurial crash course curriculum is a powerful way for ambitious individuals to finally take control of their future, bringing prosperity to themselves and to the Indigenous communities as a whole.