Indigenous Healing Circles

A safe space for open exchange & community support.

Healing is a culture

GIIA, holds firm to the belief that spirituality and culture are essential in the process of healing.
Indigenous healing/talking circles exist and have existed in various forms within indigenous communities since the beginning. Circles are intended to support participants on their paths to wellness, and long-term recovery.





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The Circle

The Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement, Inc (GIIA) believes indigenous culture can be a source of support for those in the healing process.


The Healing Circle is an ongoing support group rooted in Indigenous values with the ideal that given a safe space for open exchange, community will support each other and work through common struggles.


Healing Circle we offer:

  • Veterans Circles

  • Parenting Support Circles

  • Survivors Circles

  • Recovery Circles

The drum, an essential element to Indigenous culture, is placed in the middle of the room. Participants sit close enough to the drum to touch it, forming a circle, the drum in the center.


The facilitator opens with a prayer, respecting the directions, giving thanks and asking for presences of Spirit as the circle is in session.

There is no curriculum or set agenda, however there will be a portion of each group dedicated to discussing the deep spiritual significance of the sweat lodge and ceremony.


The rules of the circle are basic:


  • speak only when you are holding the drum beater or feather

  • no judging

  • what’s said in circle stays in circle.

Committed participants have the opportunity to take part in sweat lodge ceremony


Respect and thanks is given to the Massachusett Tribe, whose homelands GIIA humbly runs a sweat (with permission of their council.)


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Inside of Indigenous lodge

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