November 8th-12th 2020

Wellness Summit

Assist the VETERANS in your community and EMPOWER our WARRIORS to heal during this dynamic five day train-the-trainer experience hosted at
Foxwoods Resort and Casino!

incredible workshops

Topics Covered

Veterans Honor Ceremony

The Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement (GIIA)

Tribal Veterans Representative training

The Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement (GIIA)

Suicide Awareness

United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Veterans Benefits

Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA)

Health Benefits

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Death Benefits

National Cemetery Administration (NCA)

Empower our warriors

Wellness Summit

Members of Indigenous communities serve in the armed forces a higher rate than any US race or ethnic group, yet are the most underserved population of Veterans and DO NOT take advantage of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and services. Barriers to seeking care include stigma, especially for mental health issues; distance to care; and lack of awareness of benefits and services they are entitled to receive.

Healing is a part of Warrior culture!

In response to this underutilization of the VA, an innovative program has been developed to empower Indigenous Nations and our Warriors, named
the Tribal Veterans Representative (TVR).

Proud Members of the Eastern Woodland Indigenous Nations, allies, and care givers, BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION, join us in workshops, circles, and the TVR training lead by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to become a Tribal Veterans Representative (TVR) certified by
the Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement.

This is an in-depth training in which participants learn to become a liaison between tribal veterans, family members and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. You will be taught the knowledge and skills to guide our honored Veterans, and their families through the many programs and benefits offered by the VA through the
Veterans Benefits Administration.